Okay, random drive-by post. You guys, what the hell is up with Smallville lately? Granted I haven't watched since the third season, but suddenly they bring in this Davis fellow and he falls in love with Chloe and OMG I cannot stop flailing over it. Obviously the writers are going to fuck it up and break my heart (AGAIN) but I can still squee while the eps are good--and by good I mean squee-worthy, not you know, good good.

God, this ship doesn't just hit all my evil guy/good girl kinks. It throws it on the bed, ravishes them properly and then leaves them wanting an after sex cigarette. Please please,  SV writers! Don't screw up my ship! You've screwed Chloe over SO many times. Please let her have this.

From: [identity profile] marspeach.livejournal.com

This show is still on? Man, it seems like it's been on forever. I only watched the first season and then I gave up on it.

From: [identity profile] seven-trees.livejournal.com

You have no idea how many brain cells you saved due to that decision. TRUST ME. I'm two IQ points away from being clinically retarded because of this show.

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I am so intrigued but there is no way I will be going back to this show until the writers come to their senses and realize that Clark is a dimwitted goat who falls off a cliff/returns to his planet/gets off our screens and takes Lana with him (ugh is she still there?!) and Chloe becomes the lead of the show and reveals that she's the actual superhero cos I mean, c'mon, it is so obvious.

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Don't do yourself the harm. I'm sure the guy will die and Chloe will end up miserable, because the writers aren't happy if Chloe isn't pining for Clark and if Clark isn't being an emo douchetowel.

I've already read spoilers about future episodes which more or less confirm that they're pretty fucked. I'll still watch because apparently I love having my heart crushed into pieces by something I love. If watching K-Hanadan didn't prove that I don't know what will.

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I don't know why the writers haven't taken advantage of her awesomeness. I still don't understand how they could've focused all those seasons on Clark's undying love for Lana Lang. I mean Lana Lang? THE FUCK?

I honestly believe that there is a backroom in the Smallville studio where trained monkeys are diligently writing away at the scripts. You should have seen who they picked to be Chloe's husband this season. You remember the guy who played Iceman in the Xmen movies? HIS TWIN BROTHER. I kid you not.

Currently they're separated, thankfully, but still. I'm insulted.

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I hate Lana! I dunno why she's the effing golden girl of the show. Just go away already!

Eeeewwww Icetwin. WHY WHY WHY? Ugh I am insulted on Chloe's behalf. Like wtf? She's the one continuously saving everyone's asses on this show and... she should just ditch these losers and go be awesome on her own. Maybe she'll find Prince Song on the way and they can be awesome together.


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