Has anyone else heard this lady? I mean WOW. That's probably one of the best voices I've heard in a long time. I really hate the audience she's singing to though. Talk about bunch of douche bags. What, does a woman have to be 25 and have knockers out to there in order to sing well?

In conclusion, Susan Boyle rocked my shit properly. I hope she makes a cd.


From: [identity profile] uisceros.livejournal.com

Wow! I totally just watched this four times in a row, jaw on floor. She's FABULOUS!

I had seen mentions of this on Perez, and some other places, but was afraid to click, since I thought she would be bad (and I HATE watching the clips where they make fun of the bad people).

From: [identity profile] seven-trees.livejournal.com

I hate that before she sang everyone in the audience was rolling their eyes and being generally obnoxious. Oh screw you people. Susan Boyle will always rock harder than you ever do.

From: [identity profile] uisceros.livejournal.com

God, I know. People are assholes! I thought she was hilariously endearing.

From: [identity profile] seven-trees.livejournal.com

She was totally sassy and adorable. I'm still amazed at her voice. Those are some pipes.


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