OMG, you guys, have you seen The Unusuals? That shit is FUCKING AWESOME. I think the reason why it worked so well for me was because there was a really good combination of humor and chemistry between the character. And because the scene where that one character just walks on the street, holding a bagged cat by the foot?  CRACKED MY SHIT UP. And come on, what other series out there features cops going after a cat killer? YOU WON'T SEE THAT SORT OF SHIT ON LAW AND ORDER.

And because I can watch no show without flailing over an OTP, yeah, I totally ship Amber Tamblyn's character with her partner.

And has anyone else seen Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency?  I found the first episode ADORABLE. The second was okay, but not as good as the first. And come on, it features one of the single best lines in television history: I'M SINGLE LIKE JESUS.

SINGLE LIKE JESUS. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You know I'm going to use that phrase from now until I die.


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I loooove The Unusuals! It was quirky and awesome and I just love the two cops who caught the cat killer. The montage with them running after the cat killer in traffic and the whole Mr Boodles thing made me laugh out loud. And I love the fact that the other guy wears a bulletproof vest ALL THE TIME because the men in his family have a habit of dying at 42. They are my ship for the show.

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When they go to that councilman's house and yeah, he totally just took out a dead cat out of the freezer? COMEDY GOLD.

And the guy who talks in third person! I would totally punch that guy in real life, but on tv? Instant lulz. Mostly it's the 'stache that killed me.

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And then they had the frozen kitty in a pillowcase. Hahahaha

I love that guy! And I loved when he believed Amber Tamblyn's partner and went where ever and then got hosed down by the frizzy haired kid.

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And then they had the frozen kitty in a pillowcase.

THAT WAS BOTH CREEPY AND HILARIOUS. That's the best kind of funny.

And when he tried threatening the frizzy haired kid and the kid just kept on hosing him down? HAHAHAHA.


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