OMG, you guys, have you seen The Unusuals? That shit is FUCKING AWESOME. I think the reason why it worked so well for me was because there was a really good combination of humor and chemistry between the character. And because the scene where that one character just walks on the street, holding a bagged cat by the foot?  CRACKED MY SHIT UP. And come on, what other series out there features cops going after a cat killer? YOU WON'T SEE THAT SORT OF SHIT ON LAW AND ORDER.

And because I can watch no show without flailing over an OTP, yeah, I totally ship Amber Tamblyn's character with her partner.

And has anyone else seen Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency?  I found the first episode ADORABLE. The second was okay, but not as good as the first. And come on, it features one of the single best lines in television history: I'M SINGLE LIKE JESUS.

SINGLE LIKE JESUS. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You know I'm going to use that phrase from now until I die.

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