Okay, so I got a Dreamwidth account just in case everyone  decides to move their asses there overnight and I find myself alone is the deserted wastelands that were once Livejournal. But MAN, that whole six icons max thing they have going on over there is not on at ALL. I never thought I'd have trouble with it because, really, I tend to think that I have five expressions at most (among them are classics such as Bitch please! and Craptastic! )

But how about when I want to say something different. Like, what about if I want to comment on the stupidity that is Smallville without actually speaking about it. That's what icons are for right? I mean, I can't just be randomly commenting about something and then suddenly turn around and go, "And by the way, did you know that season 8 of Smallville currently consists of 60% stupidity and 40% Hot Davis Bloom action? TRUFAX!" No, I can't because that would already make me seem weirder than everyone already thinks I am. So, I guess the point of this post (after all that rambling) was to say that even though I have a Dreamwidth account, I'm still going to be using this LJ one as my main account because I never know when I'll feel the need to randomly bring attention to my Davis Bloom obsession without actually saying a word about it.

(Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] telophase for the code!)

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