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( Jan. 17th, 2009 11:06 pm)
Oh my god I should really start making myself begin these posts with something other than "Oh my god!". I don't have valley girl vocabulary programmed into my brain, you know. 

But anyway, how cute is the Hakushaku to Yosei anime? (I will never call it Earl and Fairy . That sounds ridiculous even to me.). Okay, so the plot is kind of... there...somewhere, I'm sure.  But who cares? I've always preferred good characters, bad plot to good plot, boring characters. And the OTP is ADORABLE! That's right. All caps! That's how cute they are.

Also, when the hell is the third season of Black Lagoon coming out? I want my violent girls with guns and uptight salary men (well, man)  who are forced into horrible situations that they can't control back. They need to resolve some of that UST pronto.




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