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( Jan. 21st, 2009 10:20 pm)
Mei-chan no Shitsuji is SO CUTE. I need the subs to fully understand episode 2, but from what I did understand it's all very much shoujo manga stuff. But it's so adorable. It has that guy from Hana Kimi, the one who played Namba-sempai. He's still got that heroin-chic look going on and is still pretty as a girl.  I kind of find him cute in this, for some reason, even though he did nothing for me in Hana Kimi. must be all the suits he's wearing. A man in a suit is always a turn on.


Ep 6 of K-Hanadan KILLED ME. Granted, I may have only understood three words at most, but THE PAIN! THE PAIN!!!! I really wish it had been subbed but I don't think I can watch it again when it streams on vikii. I'll have to settle for the DramaBeans recap.

Memo to myself: ease up on the capslock button, will ya.



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