So my cousin has recently gotten into Twilight. And by "gotten into" I mean that she's gone crazy. I thought it would have lightened up after the movie came out, but now my mom gave her the fourth book for Christmas (which I will never forgive her for) and the obsession has doubled. It's all Edward this and Edward that and "Oh, if only I could find a boy like him....someday". To which I say:and then I'd have to go by a gun because there's no way I'm gonna have some creepy 100-year old pervert watch you while your sleep.

But my humor isn't appreciated.

--and she corners me in the kitchen to talk about Twilight. Mostly because I'm the only one besides her mom who can speak English in the house, but still! She went to Orlando for the weekend so it's not Twilight so much anymore, but mark my words, I'll get it when she come back. MARK MY WORDS.


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