Here's a surprise. When the characters on Innocent Love kiss they actually look like they're enjoying it. Mildly. I haven't been this shocked since I saw Pride.

seven_trees: (craptastic)
( Jan. 20th, 2009 05:48 pm)

Innocent Love is such ridiculous crap. I LOVE IT SO. The guy the protagonist (Maki) likes, is taking care of his girlfriend who's in a coma (only coma!girlfriend never closes her eyes which is creepier than you can imagine). But that's not the crazy part. He has probably three friends in total, including Maki. THEY ARE ALL IN LOVE WITH HIM. The only person who isn't? His girlfriend. OH THE HILARITY.

I also watched the thai movie Chocolate which I thought was kind of meh. BUT! The fight scenes were incredible. The leading actress is my new hero. She was amazing. If I'd seen this movie when I was seven I probably would have gone BATSHIT CRAZY OVER IT. Crappy plot and engrish subtitles or not. The fight scenes were that good.



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