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( Apr. 16th, 2009 11:07 pm)
I finally figured out what this pic of Edward Cullen reminded me of.

It's this:


Ep 12 is TONS better than ep 11.


In other news, I'm also watching the k-drama Which Star Are You From? I really like the OTP. I'm not normally much of a fan of Kim Rae Won, but he is adorable. The girl is really cute too. Not annoying or anything. That's something I can REALLY appreciate.

Am still loving Being Human. Still loving Mei-chan no Shitsuji (actively shipping Mei/Rihito like a fiend). There's not much else on tv at the moment, so that's about it. Oh! Leverage. That's still good and I'm very glad it got a second season.

Oh, and has anybody heard that the rights for the fourth Twilight book have been bought? Listen, I make it no secret that I love to mock Twilight. I mock it because it almost takes itself so serious in some parts and I feel that by poking fun I'm only balancing the universe again. But I honestly think the fourth book is just incredible in its stupidity. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE.

Also, if I ever learn how to make icons I'll make A TON out of this pic.

Some things are just too creepy not to immortalize in the form of an icon.

So my cousin has recently gotten into Twilight. And by "gotten into" I mean that she's gone crazy. I thought it would have lightened up after the movie came out, but now my mom gave her the fourth book for Christmas (which I will never forgive her for) and the obsession has doubled. It's all Edward this and Edward that and "Oh, if only I could find a boy like him....someday". To which I say:and then I'd have to go by a gun because there's no way I'm gonna have some creepy 100-year old pervert watch you while your sleep.

But my humor isn't appreciated.

--and she corners me in the kitchen to talk about Twilight. Mostly because I'm the only one besides her mom who can speak English in the house, but still! She went to Orlando for the weekend so it's not Twilight so much anymore, but mark my words, I'll get it when she come back. MARK MY WORDS.


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