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So I FINALLY got to watch eps 24-25 of BOF. And you know that saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all"? Well, screw that .I HATED it. Actually, it bored me more than made me hate it. I don't think I can even come up with enough hate over it to do a proper write-up. If I do, it might just be a few lines of gibberish going  #%@#%$#5DAMN YOU PD!

I can't belive they did a freaking time jump. WHY?! As if it hadn't been going down hill already, did they think giving it a shove in the ass would make it go down faster? Dammit. Maybe I'll rage more on this later when I stop frothing at the mouth.

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Glad to know I'm not alone in my EPIC HATE for the last two eps. Seriously, WTF WAS THAT?!!!
And I dunno if it's just me but even the OTP interaction seemed kinda off. Oh and not to mention that there wasn't enough Prince Song YET AGAIN!
And who the hell wears a disco ball to the goddamned beach to propose?!

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You know what I hated? That part where Jan Di falls into the pool to get Jun Pyo to remember her. WHY?! Why go so far? I'm sure if she'd brained JP with one of those heels she had on, his memory would have come back in a snap.

Oh are you really surprised Prince Song got the shaft again? HE'S THERE TO LOOK PRETTY AND NOTHING ELSE.

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Oh god don't get me started on that scene. Why the hell would you be willing to drown yourself for a guy?! Ugh! I hate that shit! And it's been ripped off from another kdrama as well.

I'd hoped since it's the last two episodes they'd throw him a bone but of course cos everyone would rather watch these characters cry over their oh so miserable lives.

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I just wanted her to get mad at him. Just scream at him or something. Throw something. I kept yelling to myself, aren't you mad? DO SOMETHING. Don't go away with your tail between your legs.AND DON'T DROWN YOUR SELF FOR HIS SAKE!

In my mind, Prince Song drove off into the sunset with his penismobile full of hot girls and never again spoke to any of his whiny friends again. Well, maybe Yi Jung. Because they are OTP.

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I know! I just couldn't believe that she would rather stand on the goddamned street and cry than actually kick him in the head or yell at him. God, why the hell is she (and JP) so damn passive? They always need someone else to do everything for them!

Prince Song needs better friends. Those annoying emokids aren't worthy of his company. But YiBin is awesome or was before Yi Jung started being a whiny little bitch.

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RIGHT! That's what I really hate about this version. The characters want something but they barely do anything to get it. God I just wanted JD to shake JP until his memory came back. And the whole thing with Umi. Don't let her get in your way! Punch the bitch out if necessary.

YiBin is still my OTP. But yeah, that whole panic attack on top of the building was a little over the top.

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She hears Umi took credit for her lunch and what does she do? RUN AWAY! Ugh!
And I just read an article where the BOF producers and director admitted that they screwed up the script and story on purpose cos they wanted to make it pretty and gave KHJ all the screen time cos he was the most popular and well-known member of the cast which just ruined the BOF watching experience even more for me.

YiBin is probably the best OTP in that drama.

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You know, I had moments where I actually thought BOF would be my favorite adaptation. That opinion changed drastically after the second half. It's not that they changed certain parts or scenes. It's that they changed what made the characters who they were.

I've heard about cut scenes that were about F4 talking about how JP actually had a high IQ. There is not a scoff big enough in the world to mock that. JD became passive and kind of pathetic towards the end. JP was just a hot mess. That was just bad writing.

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If it had kept going the way it was in the first half then it would definitely be my favourite adaptation but the character assassinations and just the glaring awfulness of the everything that made up the second part basically ruined everything.

I just hate the fact that we all devoted three whole months and this is all we got.

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It just got to the point of where I couldn't even think of it as fun crack. It got too melodramatic for its own good.

I hate the wasted potential. They had all this money to make this excellent drama, not to mention actors who could actually act and who had excellent chemistry among themselves. It just makes me sad to think that with a better script (and less time spent on that god awful love triangle) this could have been wonderful.

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This really had the potential to be not only an awesome kdrama but also the best adaptation and I hate the fact that they purposely screwed it up cos they thought their audiences were dumbasses who only cared about the pretty boys (and visuals).

I now need to find something amazing to get over my bitterness *sigh*

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You know I'm a very shallow person, but pretty boys and nice visuals will only get you so far. There comes a point where you get tired of the pretty boys acting ridiculously stupid and whiny. And nice visuals will only cover up so much stupidity.

I'm already obsessed with Superstar Express and My Queen. AWESOME!

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Exactly! Visuals and pretty boys don't make up for crap writing.

I'm waiting for the Superstar Express downloads cos viikii's being a bitch to be lately.

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I'm waiting for the Superstar Express downloads cos viikii's being a bitch to be lately.

That sucks. Jiro's arms in that show are crazy hot.

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How did that kid get so hot?!
Okay, I'm going to try to see if mysoju or works or if it's on yt.

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I hate the time jump.
I didn't even "feel" it.

I can't complain about Soeul anymore, it was good enough.
But I hate how Jihoo still seemed to have feelings for her even until the last freaking episode.

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I hated the time jump, but it was just another flake of snow on the iceberg of suck that was BOF. I still can't get over how Jan Di nearly drowned herself in order to get JP to remember her. WHY? What is the thought process that goes into that?

Soeul was okay. I still wanted them to at least hug.

Poor Ji Hoo. My dislike of him went down exponentially the second those glasses came on.