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LotS 1.17

Okay, I have my issue with Legend of the Seeker, but mostly I think it's harmless fun.

The latest episode starts off with some kid finding a cylinder that starts unwinding itself. Now any kid with half a brain would have dropped that like he's just found a dirty g-string, but no.  The idiot starts poking with it and goes, "Maybe it's MAGIC."   OR NO, MAYBE IT'S A GODDAMN CYLINDER OF EVIL, FUCKTARD.  I hate children so much.

Obviously the whole village dies. Dumbass.

Then we cut to Richard and Kahlain going up a hill. I do think they are adorable. Mostly because I think, if she wanted to, Kahlain could drop-kick his ass and not even sweat. Richard is good  fighter, but he's not Kahlain good.

Then they did the whole, I hear no birds in this forrest. TROUBLE MUST BE LURKING. And run up the hill where they find the dead villagers.  I'm sorry but that whole scene was like the fantasy version of a person getting into the shower after hearing suspicious sounds in their empty house. Which would then follow with that person getting a bad case of KNIFE IN THE GUT.

But it's cool, because this episode kind of meanders along until we see Richard in this little soldier shirt that basically said: To the fangirls. From the producers. P.S. Enjoy the pecs. Keep on watching.   OH I WILL. Highlight of the fucking show.

There's also this part which I found hilarious where a guy Kahlain confessed goes into full confession mode. Like he literally goes into this whole pseudo-Catholic confession with Kahlain, talking about how he's been a deadbeat husband and a gambler. I half expected Kahlain to tell him to recite twenty Hail Marys or something. I do love that Kahlain is like this totally badass version of a priest. Only with boobs and---actually, here I was going to say a predilection for making out with pretty boys, but...WELL YOU KNOW.  

Oh god, between watching this and Smallville, I'm gonna have less than two brain cells to rub together by the end of this month.

In other news, my cousin--she's twelve and probably the only kid who doesn't annoy me that much--is so desperate to start a youtube video blog. She's been talking to her friends about it, but that's falling through. She's asked me if I wanted to do like a comedy thing with her--because when people think "funny", it's my mug that comes to mind--but I'm not sure about that.

I've had it driven into my mind since I was ten and the evil personal computers were starting to get really popular, that if you even post your name in a public website or a picture of yourself online, SHIT IS GOING TO GO DOWN. Now, I don't know what type of shit (my mom never specified. She just looked at me sternly until I cowered) but it still makes me uneasy to think of putting myself online so openly. I mean, it's different with a LJ. You can remain pretty impersonal with an LJ. Also I'm pretty sure none of you out there are fifty-year old men, waiting for me to have a weak moment so that you can seduce me with promises of candy and companionship. OR SO I HOPE.

So we'll see about the video blog.

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