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K-Hanadan: The MV

Okay. My thoughts on the K-Hanadan MV. Here they are.

Okay so we start off with Woo Bin reminiscing about F4 and then subsequently skipping to their old school. (Nothing will convince me that was anything other than a skip. The lowest I'll go is a mince.) Also, why is all their old stuff still in their old room at school after five years? That was their old school right? Now I can't get this thought out of my head that the teachers were too scared to come into the room and actually take the stuff out.  What? Did they think the ghosts of all those freshmen F4 had tortured and killed would come out to eat them?

Also, in one of the shots, Jun Pyo's hair is COMPLETELY straight. I guess the bitter agony of being in a love triangle worked  great as a  relaxer.

Okay why is this thing full of so many flashbacks? Especially Ji Yung's part. It's basically a collection of all of his and Ga Eul's scenes together. There's even one where it wasn't even them. It was just Jan Di's idea of how it was between them. You know, her idea of the whole five second kill thing (STILL HILARIOUS). I don't even know how Ji Yung would have any idea about a thought Jan Di had approximately five years ago. So apparently that's the big twist in this special. YI JUNG IS A MOTHERFUCKING PSYCHIC.

And  I get the gesture with the flowers. I really do. I still thought he was being kinda cheap. I mean the guy left for Sweden (or Switzerland?) for five years and then he suddenly expects to get vagina privileges with flowers? (I'm assuming the flowers are for Ga Eul) Buddy, you'd better be pulling magical golden geese out of your ass if you expect any action. And yes, that's geese. PLURAL.

And apparently at the end when they meet up, Ji Yung tells her, "Will you be my flower?"

...Just wow.I'm gonna hope that's code for "There's a party in my pants. Wanna get invited?" and leave it at that because, MY GOD, the cheese coming off that is so strong I can smell it across my computer screen.

Then we get Woo Bin's story. Blah blah blah. I was hoping he'd finally get an OTP, but no. He just gets dumped. Thanks for the emo, K-Hanadan, because I'd never understood the concept before in the earlier eps. By the way, they totally injected Woo Bin with the emo juice.

Then flashback, flashback, flashbacks of homoerotic displays of VERY MANLY affection, the wielding of totally not phallic rifles. SOME VERY GAY DANCING. Penismobiles! (OH HOW I'D MISSED YOU SO!)

More flashbacks.

There was something I loved in his story. There's this scene right after the Woo Bin flashback of epic gangsta emo, where Jun Pyo and Yi Jung are playing Jenga (I think) and they ask Woo Bin to come over and play. And Woo Bin just walks over and knocks down their entire castle and WALKS  AWAY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


The End

Overall, it was completely over-hyped. It wasn't even that it was that bad, it's just that I've seen all this before. Literally.

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